Non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of daylilies and iris

Our society meets once a month from March to September at First Friends Church, 3030 Kessler Blvd, East Drive in Indianapolis, Indiana. Monthly meetings are open to the public and guests are welcome

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Latest News

Bearded Daylilies & More

David Robinson from Bloomington, IL will give our program at 6:30 on
Tuesday, August 7, 2018
at First Friends Church, Indianapolis.
He writes: "I blame the lily auction for my addiction! Actually, it
was in 2011 when I was on the hunt for new perennials for my
Bloomington, IL back yard which kick started the addiction. I had
Stella and some species, but came across William Marchant, Richard
Norris, and Brad Best pictures via Google purely by coincidence.
Since seeing those dark UF’s (Unusual Forms) of Will’s , Richard’s
hibiscus form, and Brad’s bearded ones; I began on a path to fill my
entire back yard with them. I just planted my 6th crop of self-made
seeds and can’t wait for what will come of them. I stick to diploid
breeding and collecting for the most part and leave Tets to the larger
operations. I plant around 200-300 seeds per year and will have my
first intro(s) in the coming couple years. My two little girls (5,10)
also love daylilies and join me in making crosses occasionally.
Maybe one day, I can make this my full time job but for now I manage
a large credit card portfolio using data analytics."

Please join us to hear more about bearded daylilies.

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