IDIS NCAP Iris Information

The New Cultivar Acquisition Program is a program to bring the latest
irises and daylilies to IDIS members' gardens. Each year, the club buys
new introductions from hybridizers across the country and then
distributes them to members who serve as host growers for several
years (2 years for bearded iris and 3 years for beardless iris). After
that period, the increases are returned to IDIS for our August plant
sale so more members can buy and enjoy the latest styles and colors.

Any member can buy at our sale in August but only members who
meet the NCAP requirements (New Cultivar Acquisition Program) may receive the free iris.

2020 NCAP Iris will be available for purchase at our
August plant sale in 2022

2020 IDIS Iris NCAP Cultivars

NCAP Distribution/Reimbursement Registration Credit Form.
Click here and print this form. You need this form to record your time spent at events to get in your time for NCAP requirements.